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gold candle holders for weddings
silver candle holders for weddings

Silver 5-Arm Candelabra

Rental Fee: $30.00

crystal candelabra
hydrangeas wedding centerpieces
crystal candle holders weddings

Gold Candle Holders

Rental Fee: $40.00

Glass Footed Candle Holders

Rental Fee: $40.00

wedding glass footed candle holders
Wedding Design Chicago

Delivery, set up and breakdown fee may apply.*

crystal beaded candelabra
silver candelabra

Silver Manzanita Tree

Rental Fee: $30.00

wedding centeperpieces
hydrangeas tall wedding centerpieces

Glass Candle Holders

Rental Fee: $40.00

Wedding Decoration Rentals and Wedding Design in Chicago

Check out previously done wedding centerpieces, fresh floral design, bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets by BB Chair Covers-Wedding Decoration Rentals & Wedding Design. 

silver manzanita trees for weddings

Wedding Centerpiece Rental in Chicago, Floral Design

gold crystal beaded candelabra

       Crystal Candelabra

​       Rental Fee: $80.00

Wedding Centerpieces Rental in Chicago, 

BB Chair Covers in Chicago, flower decorations

gold crystal beaded candle holder

Goblet Candle Holders

Rental Fee: $30.00

Gold Manzanita Tree

Rental Fee: $30.00

wedding goblet candle holders
gold manzanita trees for weddings

   Crystal Tree

Rental Fee: $40.00

wedding decorations Chicago
trumpet crystal beaded vase
tall rose wedding centerpieces

Crystal Beaded 5-Arm Candelabra

Rental Fee: $50.00

Low Table Centerpieces: $55.00 -$130.00

Gold Crystal Beaded Candelabra

Rental Fee: $50.00

peony table centerpieces

Floral design, crystals or candles are not included in rental price of centerpieces.

crystal beaded candelabra

Crystal Beaded Base Candelabra

Rental Fee: $60.00

Tall Table Centerpieces: $120.00 - $850.00*

Crystal Beaded 7-Arm Candelabra

Rental Fee: $70.00

pink and white table centerpieces
wedding crystal tree

Silver Candle Holders

Rental Fee: $50.00

Trumpet Crystal Beaded Vase

Rental Fee: $40.00

wedding elevated table centerpieces

Silver Crystal Beaded Candle Holders

Rental Fee: $40.00

Gold Crystal Beaded Candle Holders

Rental Fee: $40.00

Bridal Party Flowers

Bridal Bouquet: $100.00 - $500.00

Bridesmaids' Bouquet: $40.00 - $125.00

Ladies' Corsages: $25.00 - $45.00

Flower Girl Rose Petals: $10.00

Flower Girl Kissing Balls: $55.00 - $125.00

Flower Crowns: $40.00 - $125.00

Men's Boutonnieres: $10.00 - $20.00

crystal beaded candle holder silver

Roma Spiral

Rental Fee: $40.00

crystal beaded candelabra